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Combine art with sex with a new toy – the glass dildo – that you could almost put on the mantelpiece due to it’s looks should you be daring enough. Glass dildos are somewhat new on the scene and already proving most popular with people worldwide.

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If you make certain the glass dildo is made from borosilicate then they are completely safe, all of the items featured on this site meet these standards and you can buy no better. Also, since they are non-porous this allows them to be sterilized to help prevent infection. Additionally, new dildos are being made as so they resemble a work of art. For example, some of the more expensive glass dildos are created from Swarovski crystals. Others are covered with 24-carat gold. When selecting a quality glass dildo you will have a choice of beautiful colors as well as unique textures from which to choose. Some of the dildos are now created with bumps of varying sizes. The bumps add to the sensation and pleasure of the moment. There are others that are made of different sizes of bubble shapes. These range from small to large. Another type is a ‘twister’ or a ‘rope type’ dildo. The wrappings add a great deal of sensation when it is being used.

When preparing to use a glass dildo you have a choice of warming it or cooling it down. Each dildo will come with specificglass dildo 300×300 directions as to how to follow through with heating, or cooling, as well as what temperatures to consider. Aside from the ‘warmth feature’ you can also count on this type of dildo to last forever. Glass never deteriorates and it will not absorb any harmful elements. Unlike other dildos a glass dildo will maintain its beauty over a lifetime.

As with most dildos a glass one can be purchased in all shapes and all sizes. Most of the glass dildos are made by hand – one at a time. This causes each one to be different and unique. No matter which glass dildo is selected they are excellent for masturbation or foreplay. These dildos are easy to use. A person simply needs to relax, apply some lubricant on the tip, or all along the shaft, and slowly place the head in the opening. The dildo can then be used in whatever manner is desired. It can be put all the way in and then pulled all the way out before putting it in again; or, it can be inserted and moved back and forth without removing it each time. This all depends on how the person enjoys it as everyone has their own style.
These really make a great sex toy. They are long lasting. They are safe and can be cleaned in seconds. These really are great way to add excitement in the bedroom.