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How to use

Posted on 17 April 2010 by admin

The glass dildo is certain to be one of your favourie toys after purchase. Smooth and beautiful to look at, it’s ridges are designed to give you maximum pleasure. If you are not used to using one however please look at the following tips.

1) Get used to the size and feel of your new glass dildo by exploring your body with it externally to warm you up. Once you are comfortable with it you can move onto the next step.

2) Lubricate your dildo well, using a good quality lubricant. This will ensure any of the glass dildos you have will enter you with ease.

3) Experiment with twisting and rocking on the dildo to get the maximum pleasure from it. Give yourself plenty of time using it by yourself initially to get used to how to use it best for your personal pleasure.

4) Due to its material, you can heat the dildo gently in a pan or cool it in the fridge, these sensations can really add to your enjoyment and it’s very safe to do so.

5) Once you have got used to what you like with a few times of personal play you can let a partner use it on you, ensure you tell them how you like to be aroused with it and it will give you hours of pleasure for time to come.

6) Finally, after use ensure you clean it well and keep it somewhere clean.


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